Dinner plans

I decided to come to work early today so that maybe for once I could leave in the afternoon without incurring (or adding to) a huge punch card deficit. I arrived around eight thirty, which was pretty early for me. Taneli was already here, plugging away.

Work's been slow all day, but I did finally reach Reiska and got the videos copied. It's only taken me, what, two weeks? My other work is creeping up on me, though. Markku did some work on the family site but it isn't nearly ready. I just found out that the family reunion my parents are attending (and for which it would be nice to get the site up) is already this week, not next week. So I guess I'll burning some midnight oil pulling another all-nighter or two on that project.

Meanwhile, the Rekaksois blog template is still undone. Last time I talked to Rami I said I'd give it to him some time in the beginning of last week. Aaargh! I'm so bad.

Piippu just called and invited me over to Anna-Maija's for dinner. A-M is in Kouvola and he's house-sitting her empty student apartment. So I'm hoping to leave at a reasonable time—say, in a hour or so—and pick up a bottle of wine from the Alko on my way to Kannelm�ki. I'm not sure if I'm going to ask Miss A to join us. I can't really invite Elexa—for Piippu's sake—and I'm not sure of the chemistry of Miss A, Piippu and myself.