October 2001

October 30, 2001

The first dreary day of the year

It's raining outside. Today is the first really dreary morning this year.

It just hit me: it's kind of hard to keep a journal/blog thingie when you don't have any time to anything but work. My daily routines are set fast.

Misu and I never fight. Weird. We both come from families that scream at each other, so we figured we'd end up fighting a lot, some time or another.


Tavastia’s gigs on the web

I always forget that Tavastia has their upcoming events list online. There is one (handwritten!) outside the doors, and people would change their routes so that they could walk by just to see what was coming up. I like the list on the web, though. I could never remember what day was what band.


October 29, 2001

From Hell

Last night I saw From Hell at Nightvision's Maximum Halloween 3001 film festival. I liked the movie, though I was a little disappointed with the film festival overall.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper has an article on just how true the movie is to the real facts. I wouldn't read the article until you've seen the movie, though. It wouldn’t really make much sense.


I love BlogBuddy

Ooh! I installed (I'm loathe to use the word install, it was so quick and easy) blogBuddy and am happily using it right now. I love the way it minimizes to the system tray and I can leave it open all the time. And it's so fast!

The only thing I'm missing is the ablility to edit earlier posts. But, this being version 0.4, and considering the API (I've been following its development on the mailing list), I can understand blogBuddy lacks this "feature."


October 18, 2001

Other men paying

This morning Misu said that after she’s done with her errands for the day, she might “catch a movie.” Funny to hear that from her, considering that she has no money. Not that that ever stopped her. This time Denis had asked her to go see A.I. with him, he’d pay. I wonder if I should feel threatened of Misu going to see a movie with a guy and him paying? I suppose not—I mean, if a friend asks and is willing to make it his treat, what is it to me? Or does this question my “manhood,” that I let other men pay my girlfriend’s way?


October 16, 2001

How To Becoming a Weblogging Superstar

From the pamphlet How To Becoming a Weblogging Superstar: ...if you don't have a really cute child, get an even more adorable puppy dog.

Generally, dogs work better than cats do, though it also depends on your target group. Dogs have a wider appeal and they inspire more "ooh, ooh, I wanna pet it" reactions.

Play by play, this instant cuteness building manouvre (sp?) reads: Announce your new dog like any proper addition to your family, but understate it to start off. Post only one picture. Then wait for the word to spread. People will send e-mail and comment on it on their weblogs. The "obscurity" of your announcement adds to this by giving people the feeling that they caught onto something, well, not widely known. After a few days, or a week max, post a bunch of new pictures as a gallery. This will elicit yet more oohs and aahs. People who hadn't earlier linked to your irresistable new furry family member will be reminded again of the great stuff their readers are missing out on, and the people who did link to you will feel obliged to follow up on their earlier post.

There. Simple as 1-2-3, you are an instant weblogging celebrity.


October 11, 2001


I still don't get camming. I mean, sure I get them get them but—they’re a little freaky! Is there any better way to attract psycho-stalkers?

I wonder if Elexa would be willing to become a camwhor— I mean—camgirl.

Not every cam site is boring. Or every cammer alike. Look at Sunny. If her bio and journal is to be believed, she is 22, a single parent, and college student. She runs her own explicit cam site and keeps a public journal. Hard to stop reading the journal, once you get started.


October 10, 2001

Lighter than air and sopping wet

It was drizzling yesterday while I was walking to work. Next to the sidewalk on the grass I saw a paper airplane, sopping wet.


October 8, 2001

  • Coudal Partners Inc on hyvä saitti. Eikä vähintenkään koska se on Photoshop Tenniksen “tuotteistaja.”

October 5, 2001

Down and out (of money)

I feel like shit emotionally at the moment. We fucked up big time with a client of ours and now it's biting us in the ass. I can't believe how unprofessional we were to have let this happen.

I've been without any money all week now and I was really counting on my pay check coming in today. And now it's not. It's the same client who didn't pay us when they were supposed to that's now screwing us over and I don't see a way out of it.

I'm quickly running out of cigarettes, can't afford lunch, and am looking at a a weekend with no money. Fucking. Shit.


October 4, 2001

NYT: Gore would have won

I don't what to think of this. According to it, the New York Times recount showed that Gore would have won with a considerable margin. Unfortunately the recount's results have been deemed inconsequential in the light of the September 11 terrorist attack. Hmph.

I can easily see why I could easily believe in this (almost) conspiracy theory, but then again, I wanted Gore to win, so I suppose I'm fairly biased. I just hope that other moron doesn't throw the world into WW-III.


Opettele poika koodaamaan

Opettele poika shell-skriptausta.

Tämäkin vielä. Ja tämä.

OpenSA on Windows-käyttäjille sunnattu paketti, jossa on Apache ja monta tärkeää modia (mm. ssl, php, asp, dav). Toinen hyvä paikka aloittaa Apachen ja php:n asentaminen kotikoneelle on Phpbuilderin vihjeen mukaan BadBlue.

Tiedäthän miten kaikissa tiedostojen upload-tutoriaaleissa sanotaan, että tietokantaan voi syöttää kuvia binäärimömmönä, mutta se ei ole hyvä idea, vaan on parempi tallentaa kantaan vain tiedoston osoite? No, nyt voit olla välittämättä kaikista noista ohjeista: Binary data + php + mysql.

Muitakin hyödyllisiä artikkeleita on. Bar Charts with GD, PHP Extension and Add-on Repository (PEAR), Spell Checking and URL Tricks, A Complete, Secure User Login System and Database Normalization and Design Techniques.