March 2001

March 5, 2001

My birthday, one week ago

Wow. Okay, I feel bad that I didn't write about my birthday a week ago right after it happened. Because now I don't really remember that much. All I was left with was an awesome feeling that I had FUN. I was in a good mood for a few days after my b-day weekend.

This last weekend was fun, too. Especially Friday night. My family left for Norway for a week. I had a houseguest for the weekend and we made dinner. We tried making Nepalese tomato butter cream sauce like they have in Himalaya (a restaurant in Helsinki). We came close but still didn't get it right. The naan bread was flat and turned hard as soon as it cooled down and the tomato sauce was too thin and needed more flavor. But we all had a great time and ended up eating after midnight.

Right now it feels almost lonely. I'm a bit surprised at how dead our apartment seems with no one else around...