March 2002

March 25, 2002

Just this

On Saturday Misu and I broke up. I don’t think I have anything else to say.


March 11, 2002

One hole less

I took out my lip piercing today. I liked having it but it was pressing on the gums of my two middle-most lower teeth, causing major receeding. Scary! I decided I like my teeth more than the piercing.


March 10, 2002

Creeping nerdom

I must be becoming a real nerd: I’m drinking cold gl�gi (aka, artificially flavored sugar water) strait from the carton at my desk. I got the stuff on sale from the downtown S-market. What can I say—it was cheaper than OJ.


March 5, 2002

Death and taxes

You know that saying “nothing is certain except death and taxes”? There must be a causal relationship between the two.

I just got a late notice from the Finnish IRS demanding that I pay the second installment of my year 2000 taxes. Second installment? What fucking second installment?! Nobody told me there was a second installment!

This is just killing me!


March 2, 2002

In the process of

  • remodel new instant-life-style-upgrade apartment on Kapteeninkatu
  • dismantle comfort-qualities of current home and reinstall old dismal features so that it's the dank cellar that it was before us
  • go through everything I own, toss half, be at a loss with what to do with the rest
  • finish building core features of home-grown publishing system
  • quit smoking

A lot is going on. Good.