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2012 (Fathom this!)


  • Me mokattiin, sori. TBWA\Helsinki tarjosi uudenlaista freelance-sopimusta koodareille: toimistotilat ja 1000 euroa kuussa tuntimääräisesti puoliaikatyöstä; lopun ajan sai käyttää mihin haluaa. Vastaanotto tarjoukselle ei ilmeisesti ollut hyvä. Vaikka palkka ei tunnu olevan ihan kohdallaan, on minusta silti hienoa nähdä uudenlaisia järjestelyjä kokeiltavan! Ja propsit TBWA:lle, joka pyytää anteeksi hauskasti.
  • If real-world shopping had the same stumbling blocks as online shopping. Google Analytics has a few funny shorts showing us how it'd be. But shouldn't at least one of the customers be shopping in their underwear?

  • Karhu kuolee valmiiksi haudattuna. Vanhan myytin mukaan kuollutta karhua ei löydä. Kuusamon suurpetokeskuksen Sulo Karjalaisen mukaan myytissä on perua: "Kun karhu tuntee terveytensä huonontuneen, se hakeutuu sellaiseen paikkaan, että sitä on hyvin vaikea löytää. Karhut kuolevat yleensä vanhuuttaan tai sairauttaan talven aikana nukkumapaikkoihinsa."

  • Bacon: the Other White Heat. Using bacon to make a thermal lance that can cut through metal. "The lesson here is that food is a source of serious amounts of energy. Pure oxygen helps release it in a much shorter time than usual, but it's really the chemical energy in the bacon that makes the steel pan burn." Via Charlie.

WTF? Mitt Romney, a bipartisan unifier?

Mitt Romney’s Closing Con Game. How republicans have categorically refused to cooperate with Obama really shines light on how impossible his job has been. How a political party can conceive to operate this way boggles the mind. Then again, how politics can work when talking about global warming is taboo even as it’s effects are being felt boggles the mind as well.

Luckily all this will change once the great bipartisan unifier wins the election.


  • Unglue.it allows people to pay an author or publisher in full, up front, for publishing a Creative Commons ebook. Interesting idea, it reminds me of how Joey Comeau published Lockpick Pornography, releasing each chapter for everyone after people had donated enough money.

  • 20 cooking tips such as how to remove bits of shell from eggs, use stainless steel to clean odors from your hands, peel ginger with a tea spoon, and prevent a pot from boiling over.
  • Gary Bernhardt on WAT. A very funny* presentation. * If you're a programmer

A look at menu icons

What’s the best icon for revealing (or opening) a menu? I think the grid and “three lines icons” are good candidates. I also like the idea of using an Unicode symbol. For example, there’s a three lines symbol (≡) and plenty of downwards arrows (↓ or ⇩ or ▾ or ▼). I don’t agree with using a plus sign; this should be reserved for “adding” actions.


  • Blow job, an entrancing video of streaming hair, contorted expressions and rippling skin.
  • twitter-text-php. A PHP library for parsing tweets and autolinking usernames, hashtags and URLs.

  • Norwegian medieval tech support. New tech can be confounding, as this situation portrays. Ironically, it evinces how it’s the immaterial nature of interfaces that causes problems (the fear of breaking things, the lack of affordances, the arbitrariness of causality).

Hello Smultron

When looking around for a text editor for Roosa’s new iMac, I came across Smultron. Free until version 3.8, version 4 is available in the Mac App Store for $5. I’m trying out the free version 3.5.1 before splurging on it. It appears not everyone’s been happy with progress: version 4 has quite a few negative reviews over the loss of a tabbed interface.


Everything that’s wrong with PHP

PHP: a fractal of bad design. A well-researched article on everything that’s wrong with PHP. Am I going to stop using PHP over night over this? No. But that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t a lot to learn fromn it. And, as always, sometimes worse is better.


Is Android jeopardizing Google’s future?

Is Google relevant? Brian Hall presents some very strong views on how Android isn’t making anyone money (except Samsung) and that, in fact, Android is draining Google of resources better used in improving search and, even worse, clouding their ability to see the broader mobile future.


Firefox is dead, long live Firefox

The death of Firefox. Firefox’s market share is falling, with no reversal of this trend in sight. But is that really a problem?

The entire reason that Firefox was such a success is that it appealed to the geeks and power users who weren’t happy with Internet Explorer 6′s 95% share of the market. Microsoft effectively put the dampers on web innovation for five years. Firefox was conceived with one purpose in mind: To revitalize the web.

In that regard, it has succeeded. The web, with three browsers vying for supremacy, has never been more exciting. Within a few short years of launching, Firefox had shown the world what CSS and a gutsy JavaScript engine were capable of. Firefox triggered the HTML5 revolution. It is because of Firefox that Metro-style Windows 8 apps can be written in JavaScript. And ironically enough, it is because of Firefox that Chrome was created.


How to check that a Youtube URL is valid

When validating a Youtube video link, start by parsing the video ID from the URL. The URL has many valid formats, so be sure to choose a regexp that accommodates them all. You can then check if the video exists by looking it up from Youtube’s public API. One thing to note is that the API won’t find the video until it’s been indexed, which can take up to a day.


  • The Itch. A mesmerizing, horrific tale of an itch that wouldn’t stop.

Detecting language without IP geolocation

Detecting language preference with Javascript. One way, using using Javascript only:

var language = window.navigator.userLanguage || window.navigator.language;

The better way is to use Ajax to grab the HTTP Accept-Language header with a server side script. The Stackoverflow thread has implementations for Python ja Node.js.


Zipping files with AES-256 encryption in PHP

Use P7Zip from the command line or, more exotically, use DotNetZip with PHP.


  • Looking for trim in Javascript? Here’s plenty, with some very interesting performance analysis.
  • Securimage is a good-looking and accessible CAPTCHA built in PHP.

  • Hello. A very nice montage of movie clips recreating the song.

How to open iOS apps with a link

Launching iOS apps from the browser. Or how to create a custom URL scheme for your app. Native apps also have URL schemes. For example, open a blank SMS message to a specified number.

  • HTML5 video player comparison. A very handy chart of what player supports what. While I appreciate native video support, I’d say JWPlayer is still the way to go. It’s mature and has a common Javascript API for both Flash and HTML5 players.

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