November 2004

November 29, 2004

November 19, 2004

Not getting smart with me

I take that back. SmartyPants works okay, but not perfectly. It’s refusing to escape characters properly. Backslash-dash-backslash-dash should produce two dashes. But instead it produces this: \-\-. No help found yet. Oh well.


Operator madness

What’s going on with the Finnish operators? Yesterday, I switched to DNA’s Onni subscription plan, in which all calls, to any number at any time of the day, costs 0,069 euros. The same goes for text-messages. And the fixed monthly price of the plan? Sixty-nine cents. I can’t see anywhere that this is a limited-time offer. So where’s the catch?

This same mad scramble for customers is going in broadband. When we first moved into our apartment in the beginning of 2004, we were paying HTV 55 euros a month for a 512Kbps connection. Now, for 55 euros you can get a 8Mbps ADSL line from Saunalahti!

The end doesn’t seem to be in sight: according to a story in Helsingin Sanomat, telecoms regulator Ficora expects the broadband prices to fall 20–40 percent next year.

While iIm certainly not complaining about paying less (or getting more), I do wonder how far this is going to go and will this cut-throat competition kill off players and drives prices back up?


Putting on my smartypants

I just integrated PHP SmartyPants into my home-grown publishing system. So now I ask: “Does it work?”

“One can only hope. If it doesn’t, will one bother to fix it—or will one just leave it alone, broken and all? And if it does work, will one clean out the silly markup rules one has used so far?”

Answer: Yes, it does, indeed, seem to work. And no, one has not been inclined to clean up the old code that cumbersomely did what SmartyPants so elegantly does better.

Another interesting plug-in is PHP Markdown, though I shudder at the notion of learning yet another markup style.

  • MarsEdit looks like a nice blogging client for OS X. Will keep in mind in case of eventual switch.

November 15, 2004

  • TweakUI is a small app to fix Windows without messing around with the registry.

November 11, 2004

Suomen nuorin bloggaaja

Elias on Suomen nuorin bloggaaja. Eliaksen isä on vanha työkaverini. Onnea vanhemmille!


November 10, 2004

When mornings won’t start

Yesterday’s databases exam went well. Today I have a hangover. I’m dying for a cigarette, but my throat is still burning from all the smoke I swallowed last night. Markku’s parents are back from the States. They brought Trader Joe’s Honey-roasted Peanuts, which Markku hates, and I love. We spent the weekend in Märjamaa. Fun, as always. This was my fourth time there. Eemeli’s parents sure are nice. Can you believe I misspelled the last name of the one person who needed his business card the most?


November 5, 2004

  • City-lehdelle etsitään ostajaa.
  • Talentumin Tietoviikko- ja Mikropc-lehtein ulkoasut on näköjään uusittu. Ruma tuo Tivin uusi logo.

November 3, 2004

Who is this person I’ve become?

Yesterday evening was maybe one the worst evenings I’ve ever had. Rating things as the worst or best in my life is not the way I think of things. This is a first.

Yesterday, I skipped my automaton exam because there was no way I was going to pass it. Then, today, I fucked up my operating systems exam. Ten to four, I am nervously smoking a pre-exam cigarette in front of the main university building. At four to, I’m standing in front of the door to the main auditorium. There’s not very many people there. I don’t recognize anyone. I pull out my calendar, check the date of the exam. Yes, it’s today. But I haven’t written down where it’s held. Fuck. It can’t be at the Kumpula campus. All my other exams are here. Where can I find a computer with net access?

Sure enough, the was held in the main auditorium of Exactum, the CS and math building in Kumpula.

On my way back home, I ride right past S�rn�inen. I get off at Kulosaari and catch the next metro back to S�rn�inen. What is this? I’m not absent-minded. I don’t forget things, or ride past my stop. I don’t even need a calendar. At least I didn’t use to. Who is this person I’ve become?