April 2012

April 30, 2012

April 4, 2012

Is Android jeopardizing Google’s future?

Is Google relevant? Brian Hall presents some very strong views on how Android isn’t making anyone money (except Samsung) and that, in fact, Android is draining Google of resources better used in improving search and, even worse, clouding their ability to see the broader mobile future.


Firefox is dead, long live Firefox

The death of Firefox. Firefox’s market share is falling, with no reversal of this trend in sight. But is that really a problem?

The entire reason that Firefox was such a success is that it appealed to the geeks and power users who weren’t happy with Internet Explorer 6′s 95% share of the market. Microsoft effectively put the dampers on web innovation for five years. Firefox was conceived with one purpose in mind: To revitalize the web.

In that regard, it has succeeded. The web, with three browsers vying for supremacy, has never been more exciting. Within a few short years of launching, Firefox had shown the world what CSS and a gutsy JavaScript engine were capable of. Firefox triggered the HTML5 revolution. It is because of Firefox that Metro-style Windows 8 apps can be written in JavaScript. And ironically enough, it is because of Firefox that Chrome was created.