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Outliners and then some

Some links to outliners and two others, totally unrelated. Read more


There’s so many interesting things to explore

An outburst of links, list-y, in a run-on sentence like way. Read more


Typography and the Web

I keep returning to Peter K. Sheerin’s The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters). It’s not only useful for looking up HTML entities, it’s also an excellent article on typography in general.

So always remember: while em dashes (—) are long and en dashes (–) are exactly half as long, the soft hyphen (­) is so shy that it’s rarely seen — and when it is, it’s only because it’s caught dangling.

Two other interesting typography sites I visited today are the Graphion Online Type Museum and Textism’s Word HTML Cleaner.


Installing Peerkat

I just installed Peerkat. Installation was a piece of cake (and now I also know that I have Python XML Modules included in my Python package) and now I'm poking around the software. You run the Python modules feeder.py and server.py and then use Peerkat as a Web site running at your localhost.

Hmm. Can’t figure out how to subscribe to new feeds. It complains that the feeds I added were bad. This is because Peerkat supports only RSS 1.0, though by upgrading Orchard-Python (written by Ken MacLeod?!), it should (sort of) work with 0.9x feeds...

And it did! It worked!


Personal Expression Platform

Christian Crumlish of Radio Free Blogistan writes about developing a Personal Expression Platform (PEP). This is exactly what I’ve been thinking of building for the relaunch of this blog. I’m constantly torn between wanting my own blog to be pointers (uh, links) for family and friends, reference material (notes and bookmarks) for myself, a public diary and a playground for writing and other literary experiments. PEP would facilitate all of these.

In practice, I think I’ll be dividing all this material through categorization. It’s not a perfect system (I seem to find categorization impossible), but ’s the best I can think of. Limiting access to the different levels isn’t all that important to me but implementing tiered access later would be trivial.


Keeping tabs on the tab-keepers

Keeping tabs on the tab-keepers. Uh, well, informing on the informants sounds better, but I had to give it try.


Bush’s oft-ignored War on Condoms

The Nation’s Doug Ireland writes about Bush’s war on condoms.

  • Twisted, a Python-based server thingamajig, looks interesting.

Fantasy author interviews

Says George R.R. Martin in Infinty’s interview: “Jack Vance is the greatest living SF writer, in my opinion, and one of the few who is also a master of Fantasy. His The Dying Earth (1950) was one of the seminal books in the history of modern Fantasy, and I would rank him right up there with Tolkien, Dunsany, Leiber, and T.H. White as one of the fathers of the genre.”

Reading this other, better, interview, you can really see how interviews are written. An how similar they always are.

Amazon’s interview with Robert Jordan also has quite a few recommendations. All nicely linked to their own pages.



MMBase is the CMS that Mika said Mediumi is going to use. One nice feature is that it can automatically relate items to each other.


Freemovie—a PHP-based SWF generator

Wow. Freemovie is a SWF generator written in PHP.


Jotted links

Top Ten New Copyright Crimes.

From Communitech’s forums: MySQL optimization, WAP/WML.

Dreamriver PHP software.

PHP: Session handling functions.

CNET.com: My blog, my self.

New Suodatin weblog links: Leslie Harpold’s The Historical Present, Cory Doctorow’s Boingboing, Scott Andrew’s Scottandrew.com and Mark Pilgrim’s Diveintomark.


Of crontabs

After some words on the syntax of cron jobs, one might look further into the matter here.

When running a PHP script through a cron job, does it have to be executed as a CGI script? It can help. Just make #! /usr/bin/php as the first line of your PHP script and tack a .cgi extension on the end of the file name.

Don’t like the email your cron is sending you after every execution? Don’t worry, that’s just the standard output (directed to your account email address specified in the .profile file). You can get rid of the output emails by redirecting it into the black holes of the Unixverse, /dev/null. To do this, append your crontab file with the incantation > /dev/null 2>&1.

How about a nice trip around Google to finish this lesson off?


Concurrent versioning, huh?

I still can’t figure how to implement concurrent versioning in a database-backed web site CMS.

Do you have to create a new story record every time the story is “opened” for editing? How, then, are the two (or more) merged?

Leads to follow up include two magic words: diff and patch. Unix commands always did sound like spells to me.


Managing Majordomo

Majordomo and MajorCool HOWTO: “MajorCool is a utility for managing Majordomo lists via a CGI script.”


Zoom Player 2.50

From Pekka comes the recommendation to use Zoom Player 2.50 for DVDs. With all the problems I had finding a software decoder I’m a little too discouraged to even look into this right now.


SQL Server demo and a few tutorials

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 has a 120-day evaluation version available. And, for testing/development purposes, MSDE, costing, oh, nothing, works just like SQL Server (but you’ll need to install GUI admin tools from SQL Server, though).

And in case you’re wondering what to do or where to start with SQL Server 2000, Sitepoint has a nice friendly introductory tutorial.

More Sitepoint articles of interest: separating backends, frontends and menus; do you need meta tags; Fireworks for concurrent gif and Flash animation.


  • Now here is an excellent article on linguistic blunders in Titanic.

Dustbuster, Freewire, and attack-resistant trust-metrics

DustBuster is a tiny piece of software that cleans up unnecessary temp files. Only problem is that it’s incompatible with HP’s DLA and Real's RealONE. All the info given is that users with incompatible software should not use DustBuster. Nothing is said about what would happen were I to ignore their warning and use the software anyway.

Freewire is based on Limewire’s open source technology.

Oh, and both of those software links are from Kenradio’s daily software picks.

I can't believe I've never read First Monday!

This guy’s doing his Ph. D. on attack-resitant “trust metrics” (think Advogato, Google’s PageRank) or something like that. Cool.


Creeping nerdom

I must be becoming a real nerd: I’m drinking cold glögi (aka, artificially flavored sugar water) strait from the carton at my desk. I got the stuff on sale from the downtown S-market. What can I say—it was cheaper than OJ.


Death and taxes

You know that saying “nothing is certain except death and taxes”? There must be a causal relationship between the two.

I just got a late notice from the Finnish IRS demanding that I pay the second installment of my year 2000 taxes. Second installment? What fucking second installment?! Nobody told me there was a second installment!

This is just killing me!


Photic sneezing

Betcha didn’t know I suffer from photic sneezing. I didn’t know what it was called until I heard of it via Biz Stone.


Stanislaw Lem who?

I’ve never heard of Stanislaw Lem before. I’m so not sci-fi hip.


Gene Simmons is too funny

The Real Blogger's Manifesto. Funny, insightful, and true.

We are going to terminate our contract for our Kongontie cellar-cum-office-slash-illegal-apartment. Notice is three months, and no, neither of has arranged future living quarters. We do so love living on the edge. And yes, we will probably be homeless come summer.

As to all the talk about the majority of weblogs being crap: it may be so, but find the opposite a problem also; there's just too many good weblogs out there. I can't seem to stop finding them.

Gene Simmons of KISS interview on NPR (a whopping 25 MB file, so be careful). Excellent. Via Textism.


Cartoons and sex slang

Misu can make depressing cartoons, too. They’re all simple (the elegant kind of simple) and cute.

Ooh, useful! Japanese sex slang. [Via CamWorld]


Question of weirdness

I just changed my underwear so I could tuck my shirt in. Am I weird?


A sleepness night and a SMTP pipe

Working all night can be fun. But I just spent eight and a half hours jamming our newsletter to 9000 subscribers through a SMTP pipe the size of a dime. An utterly frustrating—not to mention thankless—job. I’m proud that I can and do do so many things in our company. Nights like these make me wonder if it’s really worth it.


Board games

Board games to look into: Advanced Civilization and Settlers of Caitan.


Nightmares on Wax

Nightmares on Wax is an excellent band. I'm especially enjoying the Carboot Soul album. Thanks to Matti (the programmer behind the recently folded Finnish online bookstore, Meteori.com) for the recommendations!

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