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  • Baseball pitcher Greg Maddux's unique take on pitching. "Because of this inherent ineradicable flaw in hitters, Maddux’s main goal was to 'make all of my pitches look like a column of milk coming toward home plate.' Every pitch should look as close to every other as possible, all part of that 'column of milk.' He honed the same release point, the same look, to all his pitches, so there was less way to know its speed — like fastball 92 mph, slider 84, change-up 76." Via Daring Fireball.
  • The toast story. How did toast become the latest artisanal food craze? An amazing story behind a San Francisco coffee shop and its founder.
  • Flexible muscle-based locomotion for bipedal creatures. Via @jaukia.

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History, beer and board games

How the Angel tub station got its name, its connection to the Hanbury Arms, a very nice pub in which I’ve watched a few games of football, and a day trip from last summer to Hackney Wick. I do love the smell of history in the morning! Thanks @_Rossio_!

Coincidentally, I had a pint of Truman’s Original Porter on Sunday, and look forward to my next. This porter malarkey could definitely grow on me.


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