January 2002

January 22, 2002

Question of weirdness

I just changed my underwear so I could tuck my shirt in. Am I weird?


January 18, 2002

A sleepness night and a SMTP pipe

Working all night can be fun. But I just spent eight and a half hours jamming our newsletter to 9000 subscribers through a SMTP pipe the size of a dime. An utterly frustrating—not to mention thankless—job. I’m proud that I can and do do so many things in our company. Nights like these make me wonder if it’s really worth it.


January 15, 2002

Board games

Board games to look into: Advanced Civilization and Settlers of Caitan.


January 4, 2002

Smoking inside

I got not one, but two ashtrays this Christmas. One was from Taneli and Rellu and the other from my mom. I'm trying hard not to smoke in my room but every time I see one these ashtrays I'm reminded how luxurious it is to smoke inside.

The smell is obviously horrendous, but when it's twenty below outside and going for a smoke requires bundling up like an eskimo, it makes it really hard to resist lighting up right here in front of my computer. Or on my bed, curled up next to my book.

I'd hide the ashtrays away, but all three of them are dirty so I'd have to wash them first. And I'm hesitant to put away such nice pieces of perfectly usable, uh, household wares. I can't use them outside because with currently four smokers living here, ashtrays fill up way too fast.

So, for the moment, I'm living with three constantly inviting ashtrays strewn around the room in convenient locations and a ban on smoking inside that I'm arbitrarily making exceptions to.


Nightmares on Wax

Nightmares on Wax is an excellent band. I'm especially enjoying the Carboot Soul album. Thanks to Matti (the programmer behind the recently folded Finnish online bookstore, Meteori.com) for the recommendations!