December 2001

December 30, 2001

Not late enough

Uh. It's late, but evidently not late enough. It doesn't feel right. I don't have that unique sensation of sitting in front of my computer. Beautifully alone. Ethereally connected to like-minded souls through gently pulsating streams of bits, flowing and ebbing in time with the sporadic clicks of the mouse gripped in my hand.

Maybe there's too much light. Maybe I've eaten too much chocolate.

I miss my sweet isolation.


December 26, 2001

Blogless X-mas

Not many blogs seem to be updating during Christmas. I don't know what to make of that. Does that mean they are so busy spending time with their families that they don't have time to blog? Why aren't they doing that when it isn't Christmas? Or are they just afraid that they'd seem like losers if they blogged on oh, so holy X-mas?

Hmph. Probably neither. Well, at our house things were getting really slow. Which was okay, but I wanted to enjoy the luxurity of slowness at my own place this evening. First Joel ran off to party at his new girlfriend's house (it wasn't exactly private snuggling time considering he invited his whole band over). Then Piippu called that he was coming over to get the keys to my place (he's been living in my room for the past two months). With Elexa and Elice kind of off to themselves, Mom watching yesterday's Merlin on tape and Dad taking a nap I figured it was okay to go with Piippu.

So I've been working today. So much for quietly reading, as I'd hoped to. And to top it off I really want to see Misu. Grr. Stupid public transportation system, stupid X-mas break. Ahhh, well not seriously. But still.


December 24, 2001

The cinnamon challenge and search and replace tools

He he. I wanna do the cinnamon challenge.

After some searching I finally found a freeware search-and-replace utility. BK ReplaceEm looks just like what I need. I only wish that free/shareware software wouldn't always use non-standard iconage. It always looks so tacky.

I've been fooling around with Fog Creek Software's free CityDesk Personal Edition. Immediate post-installation and trial thoughts are here. The site's created with CityDesk, of course!

I'm liking Joel on Software more and more. Another CEO that blogs!

Grr... Our adsl connection is lagging annoyingly right now.


December 15, 2001

I dream of an angry bus drivers

Last night I dreamed about an angry bus driver that ran over my luggage.

I had three bags of different sizes filled with important stuff. I don't know what exactly was in the bags but it was I guess just about everything of value to me that I own. There were other people with me, a couple of family members at least, and we were at a busy public transportation center like the Helsinki train station or the airport.

I was taking the bags across the street but there was so much going on around me that I couldn't carry all three bags at once. I kept setting them down in the middle of the street and running to do something else and then returning to try to collect the bags only to be once again interrupted.

Then this bus comes along and has to stop because two of the bags are in the street. One, the smallest is still on the sidewalk on the other side of the street from where I am. I can't remember if the bus driver honked his horn and told me to move the bags or not, but I knew he was really pissed off. Finally (it's unclear if he waited a long time or not) the bus, ever so slowly, drove over the two bulky bags.

Then the bus carefully backed up and the driver cranked the steering wheel to the left. Then he drove up onto the sidewalk just to get the third bag as well!

The dream left me strangely, almost hauntingly mournful.



She watched the train go round and round its circular track. Wherever it left, it always ended, because it lead nowhere. She could sit hours and hours playing with her electric toy train, or so I imagine: she has told me so. Read more


December 5, 2001

Food is expensive when you’re poor

WTF! I just allied up my receipts on food shopping since I moved into my own place. And I’m troubled by the fact that in November (the only full month I have them from) I spent 807 marks and 93 pennies on food. And that’s not counting cigarrettes, the money spent on lunch at Meccala or booze. I’m supposed to be a freaking single with like, no food bills!

This is insane. $125 a month on groceries! I think I’m gonna fast or something.


December 2, 2001

Things I’ve noticed in life

  • You have to have had a hangover to know you don’t want a hangover.
  • Two cups of coffee on the weekend makes me very restless. Not so on weekdays.
  • I like Mighty Girl.
  • Visitors eat your food out of the fridge and leave a mess.
  • Sex with other people in the room just isn’t as fun.