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2014 (Fathom this!)


  • Android App Testing Service. For future reference. “More than 75% of Android apps we’ve tested just work on Kindle Fire — no changes required.”

  • “We tried baseball and it didn’t work”. An old classic. Hilarious in a black humor kind of way.
  • What is an MVP (and what it’s not). “An example: if I wanted to start a T-shirt company, I could test my vision by taking some sketches to a busy street corner and asking people for their thoughts. Another approach would be to put some images onto a web page and see which ones people click on the most. From either approach, I could then base my first round of T-shirts production on the types that got the most interest (and prevent losing money producing stock that nobody was interested in).”

  • Compress PDF. Reduce your PDF online. In an example, a 35MB file was reduced to 2MB.

  • Monoskop: Bauhaus. Nine downloadable Bauhaus books.
  • Rob Ashton: You have ruined javascript. “We had an escape route from that ridiculous enterprise hand-holding bullshit and instead of learning how to fucking code you’ve just brought your factory provider providers with you into what was once an okay place to get stuff done.”

  • Post-empirical science is an oxymoron. “Theory confirmation [...] doesn’t exist. The expression is sometimes used in a sloppy way to mean that a theory has been useful to explain many observations. But you never confirm a theory. You just have theories that are more, and others that are less useful.”

  • Our comrade the electron. A fascinating talk on all kinds of interesting things, centering around Lev Sergeyevich Termen, inventor of the theremin.
  • OpenTTD is an open source version of one my favourite computer games I’ve ever played, Transport Tycoon Deluxe. I’ve not dared install this — who knows how many hours it could take out my life. Despite this: dear lazyweb, I’d also like a better-working version of Railroad Tycoon 3.
  • How Lyst does color detection.

  • A path to retirement, for those far from it. There's an “eleemosynary” ebook to be downloaded, but the rule, in a nutshell, is: Save 15% of your income from age 25 into three index funds, one for domestic stocks, one for international stocks, and the third for bonds. Rebalance to even proportions yearly.

  • Bechdel test. “Asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man.”

  • The Expert. How life sometimes feels to a developer.

  • Fog Creek Blog: Girls go geek… again! "[Hanna Wallach] ... said that one of the things that happens is that women don’t even think they’re qualified for something because it’s advertised in competitive language. The language of competition not only doesn’t appeal to many women, it actually puts them off. Google advertises their Summer of Code with very competitive language. In 2006, GNOME received almost two hundred GSoC applicants – all male. When GNOME advertised an identical program for women, but emphasizing the opportunities for mentorship and learning, they received over a hundred highly qualified female applicants for the three spots they were able to fund. Honestly, when you hear the phrase 'the world’s best developers,' you see a guy. And, for women, that can be alienating."

  • GOV.UK social sharing buttons: the first 10 weeks. Never being much of a fan of sharing buttons, it does make sense that mobile users are more likely to use them.
  • Saturday Sun: The Walls. Saw a subset of this band last night at Karamel Club. Really liked this song. Must admit, they're not always this downtempo. They blew the heads off the audience, as Chris Sheehan put it.

  • Baseball pitcher Greg Maddux's unique take on pitching. "Because of this inherent ineradicable flaw in hitters, Maddux’s main goal was to 'make all of my pitches look like a column of milk coming toward home plate.' Every pitch should look as close to every other as possible, all part of that 'column of milk.' He honed the same release point, the same look, to all his pitches, so there was less way to know its speed — like fastball 92 mph, slider 84, change-up 76." Via Daring Fireball.
  • The toast story. How did toast become the latest artisanal food craze? An amazing story behind a San Francisco coffee shop and its founder.
  • Flexible muscle-based locomotion for bipedal creatures. Via @jaukia.

History, beer and board games

How the Angel tub station got its name, its connection to the Hanbury Arms, a very nice pub in which I’ve watched a few games of football, and a day trip from last summer to Hackney Wick. I do love the smell of history in the morning! Thanks @_Rossio_!

Coincidentally, I had a pint of Truman’s Original Porter on Sunday, and look forward to my next. This porter malarkey could definitely grow on me.


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