September 19, 2006

In Nokia’s flagship store

Nokia’s flagship store seems to be a hit. Today in front of the store I saw two little boys trying to pull their family in. The mother told them they’d already been there, and that they were going to another store. The father was willing to compromise, though, and said he’d take the boys in and then follow her.


October 30, 2005

How is it I always seem to bust at Beef?

There’s something about We Got Beef (a bar in Helsinki): when I almost never come here, it’s even worse than when I’ve come here more frequently; and I’ve never really felt comfortable here. I’m okay in whatever shithole Kallio has to offer, I love checking out the over the top nightclubs, so how is it I always seem to bust at Beef?


October 19, 2005

First post via SMS

So this is my first post via SMS. I had to implement the metaWeblog API for my homegrown publishing system to get this to work, but besides some problems with PHP’s strtotime function, it was a breeze. Thanks, MS!