Who is this person I’ve become?

Yesterday evening was maybe one the worst evenings I’ve ever had. Rating things as the worst or best in my life is not the way I think of things. This is a first.

Yesterday, I skipped my automaton exam because there was no way I was going to pass it. Then, today, I fucked up my operating systems exam. Ten to four, I am nervously smoking a pre-exam cigarette in front of the main university building. At four to, I’m standing in front of the door to the main auditorium. There’s not very many people there. I don’t recognize anyone. I pull out my calendar, check the date of the exam. Yes, it’s today. But I haven’t written down where it’s held. Fuck. It can’t be at the Kumpula campus. All my other exams are here. Where can I find a computer with net access?

Sure enough, the was held in the main auditorium of Exactum, the CS and math building in Kumpula.

On my way back home, I ride right past S�rn�inen. I get off at Kulosaari and catch the next metro back to S�rn�inen. What is this? I’m not absent-minded. I don’t forget things, or ride past my stop. I don’t even need a calendar. At least I didn’t use to. Who is this person I’ve become?