My new 7610

I got a new phone a few weeks ago, and now it seems to be a little broken. The five-direction key doesn’t want to go up. I’ve googled around, hoping someone else might have the same problem and an explanation why, but so far no luck. I’ve found a few decent reviews, though, and learned some things I didn’t know.

While I really like the 7610 (it’s the first phone I’ve ever bought new), I do have few questions and complaints:

  • The green and red handset keys are too close to the left and right action keys.
  • What the hell does the big key with the pencil icon on it do? I assume it’s meant to be an operator-branded key.
  • The power button is, indeed, hard to use. This is the main way I switch between profiles.
  • The on-screen clock is barely legible. Especially the analog clock face, but also the stupid font of the digital ones, as well. I haven’t looked into creating my own themes yet, but I’ll be really disappointed if they don?t allow you to create new clock styles.
  • The same goes doubly for the screen saver. Screen savers can show either date and time, or a user-selected word. Word? Like “Hello” or “Ilya’s phone” These two alternatives, when exclusive of all others, is absurd.
  • I couldn’t find any mention of Bluetooth in the Java MIDP 2.0 API. Does this mean custom programs can’t use Bluetooth?
  • Why don’t Nokia’s phones have plugins for headphones? There is no way, as far as I know, to listen to music—except via the loudspeaker, which is no way at all. I realize the 7610 has mono sound, but still.

Update: Okay, so there are headphones available. It’s a handsfree device, so there’s also a mike.

Oh, and in related news, Nokia’s Lifeblog will be able to be used to actually publish a weblog. At least a Typepad weblog.

Nokia’s 7610 support page has software downloads. Nokia Album, a more robust gallery system, organizes media chronologically.


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