Life after MobileMonday Global Summit 2005

So, now it’s over. The event itself went well, but the high point for me was the afterparty. The Mondayers from around the world and some other people (Tero Lehto, Christian Lindholm) gathered at Zetor, a faux-rustic tractor-themed bar in downtown Helsinki. I was part of the hockey-watching contigency, but I did hang out in the smoke-free side long enough to meet Mike of the Bay-area MobileMonday. We talked briefly about the interesting stuff going on with small and often independent Web apps and services (eg. It occurred to me while we were talking that it’s probably the dream of every small tech company in existence today to create something like Flickr or 43 Things.

When I feel overwhelmed by the concept of inventing something truly new (and thus worthwhile), I try to remind myself from time to time of the Google adage: the major changes in technology haven’t been sparked by the development of unique technology in itself, but by making it usable.

I also talked a bit with Christian about Lifeblog and the openness of the blogging world. I told him it’s been strange and exciting to watch the Lifeblog/Movable Type scene unfold over the last year. Christian recommended that I get a copy of Lifeblog so that I can get a firmware update of my 7610.

Coincidentally, Russell Beattie was also there. When I heard his name, I remembered I’d seen his blog, though I couldn’t remember when. Turns out, I’ve linked to his 7610 review.

And I can’t believe Finland tied 0–0 with Latvia.


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