Last weekend

On Saturday we were at the house warming party of Sami, Inari, Gerome, and Pervilä. They have a beautiful—and huge—apartment on Mechelininkatu. The party was rather quiet (as parties go with these guys), but it was fun. There’s photos. I met Jarkko, who, as he basically introduced himself, is behind the bathroom reviews at the Kallio neighborhood weblog.

Seeing Janne was yet again sort of disappointing. His only days off his internship work at Demo are Sundays and Mondays, and these days he’s either too tired to do anything, or inevitably, spends them with his dumb old new girlfriend. I’m jealous.

On Friday we were first at the new computer science students’ party at Uusi (nothing going on there, but the beer was only an euro a bottle), and then later at NRJ’s (the radio station) birthday party at Vanha. Invites from Jyri again, of course. While the party was lame (no free booze this time, or then we came too late) and the performers were horrible, it was nice to spend some time with my brother and his fiancé. They live in Turku, and when they do come “home,” they rarely make it to downtown Helsinki.

Markku and I snuck backstage (well, actually we just walked in) and went up to the artists’ area. To our disappointment, there were only four ciders left in the fridge. We took those, and went to find Jyri in the VIP area. The girls tried to join us upstairs, but they were stopped at the entrance we had come in. And Roosa could’ve even gotten into the VIP area legitimately, had she been able to call her boss. Unfortunately, her phone was in her purse, which was in the coat check, and I had her coat check stub.


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