I wish I had the plans

It’s so strange to meet young Americans abroad, and to hear them speak of their future so openly.

A typical American I’ve met traveling. We’ve already exchanged the basics: names, residence, and duration of travels. Around then, it comes:

“So, what keeps you busy in your real life?”

“Oh, you know, the usual.”

“The usual? You mean work or school?”

“Yeah. I run these bars with a couple of friends. I was gonna go to school but first I wanted to see the world.”

“Right, right. So what’re you gonna study?”

“I’m thinking either nuclear physics or music. I play the guitar in a band. I thought it’d be cool if we could start touring.”

“Oh. Nuclear physics� or music? That’s — diverse.”

“Yeah. I was also online looking at this bar tending school in South Africa. I might become a U.K. citizen. DUIs are on the rise in Texas.”


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