Going to Storås, again

We’re organizing a trip to Storås Festival again this summer. I can hardly believe this’ll be our fourth year — time flies!

While I’ve never really been all that into rock festivals (and there’s plenty in Finland!), Storås has always been different. It’s somehow hard to break it down: there’s the trip there, the people you meet, the warm spirit of the festival, the cooperation and the absurdity of it all. And it’s been a great experience, every year, and each year in new ways.

One of the fun (and, I admit, a bit stressful) parts for me is the effort of putting the trip together. Working with Elexa, Sveinung, Janne, Aleksi, and, this year, Jyri, has been a blast.

One thing I’m really proud of is how the people I’ve cajoled and arm-wrestled into coming have also had a great time. Every year I’ve been a little afraid that people will hate it — luckily this hasn’t happened yet! A testament to the uniqueness of the trip has been how people have become big Storås-converts. It’s almost cult-like!

Selling the trip hasn’t always been so easy — convincing people to come on an eight-day trip to Norway to a festival they’ve never heard of (not to mention sit on a bus for almost thirty hours) tends to take some effort. The only thing we’ve had going for us has been the enthusiasm of everyone who’s been there.

It’s amazing how a heterogeneous group of twenty to fourty people can bond together in such a short period!

Anyway, if your up for an adventure, and can handle traveling thirty hours to a festival in the middle of nowhere in Norway, I hope you join us! We leave from Helsinki on Sunday the 27th Monday, the 28th of July, and will be back on Monday, August 4th. (You can also get on and off the bus in Turku.)