I ordered four books and two zines from CrimethInc. today. They ship internationally by global priority mail only, so the cost of shipping four books is the same as two. (The shipping for Days of War, Nights of Love, the book that got me shopping in the first place, would have been the same price as the book.)

Elexa’s been talking about Days of War, Nights of Love for about a year now, but the one she read, she passed on to another friend. I’m looking forward to the zines, too.

On similar lines with CrimethInc.’s agenda is Yomango, a movement advocating shoplifting as civil disobedience. Voima wrote about Yomango in it’s last issue of 2004.

The nice thing about media-savvy counterculture organizations (Adbusters, Yomango) is their ability to use design to their advantage and pull off really neat publicity stunts.