Apartment building update

The Cigarette Lady from across our courtyard has apparently moved away. She lived one floor above us and had a perfect view into our living room from the window she used to smoke out of. We counted at least two other women who used to lean out that window, smoking, but they were at least ten years younger than Cigarette Lady, and we never could figure out if they were her roommates or ladyfriends or what. Either she’s moved away, or she and her friends have all quit, or then they’ve changed windows.

Jason, the over-friendly, very creepy Newzealander who lives in the groundfloor studio apartment below Joni, Matti and Lauri has stopped playing loud music. It also appears that he’s successfully quit smoking. Good for him, good for us. Markku isn’t woken up by his music, and I don’t have to be afraid that he’ll see me in the yard and invite himself up to our place to use my computer.

There’s a new girl living in the commune on the first floor of our building. She’s frequently seen in the yard smoking with a friend. Today Marika and I almost knocked her over with the outside door as we were taking out the trash.

The couple from the apartment below us moved out yesterday. On Friday night the man threatened to “come through our door” if we didn’t quiet down that minute. “There’s a pregnant woman down here!” he screamed at Karkki through the intercom, and shook his fist at Roosa, who looked out into the hallway.

I passed the man four times on Saturday as they were moving. Both of us pretended we didn’t see each other. I was deeply ashamed. And also a little amused that he didn’t want to meet my eye. There’s Finland for you.


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