A Weekend Report


Jyri hands the doorman at Lost & Found a 10 euro bill in an effort to avoid the event of me and the girl being carded. This maybe works, we are not carded.


“I am not drunk, I am in a wedding mood!” Markku contests. And he is right, we are all in a wedding mood as Anna and Pauli have been joined in matrimony, and the punch is plentiful.

Later, the line in front of Lost & Found is a quarter-block long, and Emma is receiving calls from a guy who wants her inside. Said guy soon appears behind a doorman who opens the sidedoor for us. Money seems to really work.


People smile at us as we light the grill in the enclosed courtyard of our apartment building. We are grilling hamburgers in honor of the Fourth of July. Oh so contrarian us. Except Mikko, who brought Finnish sausages. We are joined by Mr. J., the neighbor in the next building who Markku has complained plays music too loud before—gasp—noon.

Mr. J. tells me: “I started smoking when I tried to quit drinking. Now I’m trying to quit smoking.”

New neighbor, kooky and embittered oddball that you are: thank you for the seven packs of North State. People will look at me funny when I smoke them.


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